• High-end website design and production


    Dream weaving 58 team with many years of industry experience tailored for the enterprise, to make your enterprise in competition, cruel network in an impregnable position.
  • Network operations and promotion


    Focus on high quality branding promotion service network, in the network sets up the enterprise brand image, improve search keyword conversion rate, and terminal advertising show more!
  • HTML 5 responsive web development


    HTML + CSS 3 design at the same time compatible with touch screen devices like mobile phones and the resolution, achieve the optimal access effect, each terminal site data synchronization.
  • Mobile phone website and APP


    Focus on the mobile phone web site design, micro sites, mobile phone APP custom development, create a dynamic brand website, in the mobile Internet market.

Dream weaving 58 is a brand planning, website development, interactive media services in a body's advisory web design agency, founded in 2012, studio for the predecessor at the weekend. With years of actual combat experience and accumulation of the project and brand new image over the weekend to complete the upgrade shift from the studio to the professional design agencies.
8 years experience in brand site planning and design and rich experience in team coordination, has 800 + customer service; Team members have more than 5 years project experience, can grasp the concept of international mainstream design style and innovation; Beautiful atmosphere of fine design at the same time pay attention to user experience, create valuable brand promotion marketing, quickly into the Internet economy makes perfect solutions for the enterprise.
  • 2020-12-29


    鹰潭市手机上手机微信手机微信微信小程序综合服务平台公司,开发设计设计方案app多少钱钱来源于于:26p9trc发布时间: 鹰...
  • 2020-12-28


    网站建设平台有哪些:网课查题王公众号,学堂云答案慕课答案微信小程序,智慧树知到网课答案查答案app 【单选题】病原菌在...
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  • 2020-12-07


    極限脱出3零时困境怎样调整鉴别率 手机上入门机手机游戏攻1280x720 - 91KB - JPEG怎样调整手机上上相片鉴别率规格800x600 - 138...

In November 2009

men who love the design work of set up the web design studio at the weekend...

In May 2009

steady development gradually accumulated rich customer resources...

In July 2010

Along with the staff and customer resources continue...

In December 2012

Service has more than 600 customers, the company product research and development...

In October 2013

in cooperation with a number of well-known enterprises...

In May 2014

Dream weaving 58 merged with Shanghai XXX software company...

In February, 2015

Cooperate with inscription art, film and television media company to provide Internet...

In October 2015

to better provide customers with a full range of Internet services...